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Happy New Year!

Christmas and a fireplace have always symbolized coziness, relaxed celebrations, and joy for us. After Christmas, we slow down and embrace all things cozy. I count down the days each week until I can slip into my old work joggers. My heart fills with joy the minute Friday arrives.

I head to my studio to create with music playing. Our farm is showing signs of my favorite time—the long weekend. There are Lathe, Brownie, Ghost, chickens, Barney, and Zosia. We embrace some of the simpler things in life, slowing down and savoring the gentleness that comes with coziness—sometimes the best gift. We give ourselves the time to find comfort in the simple things.

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of becoming an oncology nurse and living in a big city, and I did. Dreams do come true in America; I know it for sure. One day in the past, our farm was a dream, and now it's real—a dream achieved through hard work with lavender, bees, goats, chickens, Barney, and Zosia, along with a lot of remodeling. Maria’s La Petite Maison for Airbnb was reborn this year. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter of 2023 passed by. Now, winter has started as a long nap, and we slow down.

Winter invites us to appreciate the cycle of nature, together with the ones we love, and seek warmth in all sorts of ways. Christmas decorations with hundreds of lights, a Christmas tree, gifts, and Christmas carols fill our space.

Before planning for 2024, we review 2023 and consider how we could do things differently. Between these two years, we think of lavender. In 2024, we plan to grow more lavender and focus on lavender honey, lavender tea or coffee, goat yoga, bath teas, and flowers. We may add lavender chickens with eggs. Now, during winter, we often taste lavender black tea and enjoy a bath with an old-style bathtub after a chilly winter weather day. In February and March 2024, we will invite children for cocoa and visits with goats. April will give us a rest before the busy spring and summer.

May will bring us plenty of work with Italian bees and more English lavender to plant; we have already ordered another 700. In May 2024, we will start Old Style English Tea Time twice a month, featuring lavender tea. In June, we will continue goat yoga on Saturdays, twice a month, and have tea time twice a month. We will also meet our Menge Rd neighbors for the second time, promising plenty of fun. July and August are times for a full harvest. Except for the first and second weekends of August, we will be closed for important networking with other lavender businesses out of the country. There will be more yoga and tea time in the second part of August. In September, we will continue goat yoga and try Dinner in the Barn for the first time (60 people max), something like FARM-TO-TABLE in harvest time. We are already looking for a good Chicago downtown chef.

From the end of April until freezing weather, our farm store is open every Saturday from 10 AM-3 PM. In November, we will start to slow down. In December, it's time for the 3rd Polish Christmas Carol event, the second weekend of December. Don't forget to stop by when lavender blooms in June, July, and August. Come and relax. Come and watch bees working hard around lavender to bring us amazing lavender honey.

As the old year 2023 comes to an end and the year 2024 is around the corner, Maria’s Farm wishes you all the best in this new year. We need to find ways to go through life a little more slowly, so we can truly be present in the moment. When you think about slow living, thoughts of farming and creating come to mind. Spend time with loved ones, build memories, and recognize what is important in life. We are here for you and with you when you slow down. Let your children see you slow down. Read a book in a hammock or in a lavender field with a cup of lavender tea because when your children grow up, they will know to slow down too. Happy New Year!

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Jan 22

Beautiful farm that is growing with passion and filled with love and created by wonderful people that welcome everyone with open arms!

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