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Welcome to Maria’s Farm, a tranquil haven nestled in the heart of Marengo, IL. Spanning 23 acres, this storied land has a rich history that dates back to its inception in 1920. With a tale that winds through the transformative years of 1940, 1960, and 1990, the farm has evolved with each passing era.

In 2022, after a decade of neglect and five years of serene solitude, the farm's destiny took a turn as it found new stewards in us. Thus, Maria’s Farm was born—a name filled with the promise of vitality and renewal.


Our Farm

is filled with life and vibrancy, a symphony of creatures and scents that enchant the senses. Bees hum busily in their hives, goats gambol with gleeful abandon, and chickens serenade the sunlit hours with their clucks. A loyal dog and a charming cat weave their way into the very fabric of our daily routine. And then, there's the lavender field—a swathe of serenity and fragrance that invites you to step into a world of natural wonder.


At the heart lies Maria's

La Petite Maison,

whimsical French cottage that beckons like a fairytale escape. This haven is yours to experience as an Airbnb guest, a delightful weekend getaway that offers unfettered access to our entire property. Nestled beside it, a quaint country store offers an array of Maria's handcrafted creations. These organic delights, infused with the gentle touch of lavender, capture the essence of our farm.

Image by Csaba Talaber

Maria’s Farm

is a dream brought to life

with unwavering passion in 2021, a dream that aspired us to offer healing and solace. Lavender, with its captivating beauty and soothing aroma, takes center stage on our land. Yet, it's not just about appearances—the lavender here serves a purpose, a canvas from which we craft a symphony of products. Our fields resonate with beauty, balance, and an unrelenting passion to create. 

Our products

are a fruit borne from this very essence—

gems woven from the threads of lavender. Imagine basking in the sun-soaked lavender fields, a sensory delight that offers the spectacle of diligent bees weaving their golden dreams into unmatchable lavender honey. This honey, a signature creation, embodies the very essence of our journey.


Rewind five years, and you would find us immersed in urban living, city people with dreams as towering as skyscrapers. Yet, life's serendipity guided us towards a different path—a path that led us to Marengo, a place that kindled our dreams anew. A convergence of dreams and reality posed a challenge we were determined to conquer, birthing the enchanting realm that is Maria’s Farm.

As the sun-kissed months pass at Maria’s Farm, a realization blooms—it's the living, breathing entities that infuse our existence with deeper meaning. There's an art in the symphony of working amidst the lavender fields, in tending to goats, chicks, and the busy bees that flutter amidst the lavender blossoms. Lunching beneath the shade of an ancient tree or losing oneself in the serenade of the singing creek while seated in the midst of the lavender—these are the moments that steal our hearts.


Daily Life

is an intricate mosaic— 

including our 3 goats named Latte, Brownie, and Ghost; a chorus of chickens and chicks; bees crafting golden dreams; the playful cat, Zosia; Barney, our loyal canine companion; all surrounded by the splendor of our little lavender sanctuary. Our gaze stretches to the lake and creek, framed by nettle that lends itself to our special nettle lavender tea.

In the symphony of farm life, we find

Equilibrium & Peace

Have you ever pondered why time slips through your fingers like sand? Our yearning for days spent feeding goats before work or sharing tender moments with them after, our excitement in gathering eggs from clucking hens—it's these simple joys that invigorate our days. Amidst this menagerie of joy, there’s an unspoken communion between us and our animals. It's as if they recognize kindred spirits in us, a bond that traverses the boundaries of species.


It all began with a question from my husband, a question that birthed a passion. After trips to Michigan and countless hours of YouTube tutorials, the dream was alive. Lavender fields, kissed by gentle breezes, stood testament to our aspirations. Our Italian bees embarked on a pollination journey amidst the blossoms, an endeavor that yields hints of lavender in the honey they produce. When harvest season arrives, the lavender bursts forth in an explosion of purple, its scent dancing with the breeze. Lavender, the vision, the fragrance, the flavor—it embraces us in myriad ways.


As the lavender dries in the dusky embrace of our barn, a symphony of creations emerges. Lavender honey, cookies, teas, coffee, scrubs, lotions, shampoos, soaps, candles—the list is as abundant as the blooms in our fields. Each creation is a testament to our joy, a way to share the simple and natural happiness that defines our lavender farm, Maria’s Farm.

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